Dheeraj Verma, in comics, painting, gaming, animation and digital painting spans from India to the United States over a 24 year period. Mr. Verma began his journey as an artist with Bheria (Raj Comics), created by him in 1993 where he began producing the captivating images for which he is known. He describes Comics as being in his blood, though his later creative impulses would lead him to explore painting as well.

In the year 2000, he joined Escort’s Gaming division and spend 3 years there in his role as Senior Game Visualizer. In an effort to broaden his horizons as well as his audience, he signed with Avatar Press in the USA in 2004 for 5 years, he worked with writers Alan Moore, John Russo, George A. Romero making zombies for popular series such as Escape of the Living Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Nightmare on ELM street, Yuggoth Creatures and more. Following the success of the work with Avatar, Dheeraj teamed with Dynamite Entertainment (USA) to produce the Complete Dracula series.

2012 saw Mr. Verma’s biggest challenge to date as he completed the Fall of Cybertron: Transformers for the “Transformers” series to great accclaim on Comixology. Robots in Disguise and The X Files Conspiracy: Transformers would follow. Dheeraj is focused presently on the “Lady Death” and the series franchise by the same name, in collaboration with writer Brian Pulido.

Mr. Verma already done 2 successfully exhibitions in Delhi, from 12 to 18 Oct, 2015, at Lalit Kala Akademy and 1 to 6 March, 2016 at Alliance de Francise.

He credits Goddess Saraswati for his gifts and inspiration.

Pencil Workshop at 10 Heads Festival







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  • Dheeraj Verma is an incredibly talented artist with international appeal spanning the globe several times around. Not only is Dheerai an accomplished comic book artist - he is also an extremely versatile painter. This dedicated professional is also a devoted family man, as well!

    Mike Marts

    Editor in‘Chief, Aftershock Comics, USA

  • Dheeraj Verma is that rare illustrator: a combination of technical expertise and a vast emotional heart. His work knows no limits.

    Brian Pulido

    Writer, Creator and Director: Lady Death

  • Truly great work

    Kevin Grevioux

    Hollywood Actor, Underworld Film Series, I Frankenstein

  • It’s been a pleasure getting to work with Dheerai Verma—collaborating with him as a writer on a few Transformers comics and and as an editor on Transformers and on G.l. Joe. Dheerai brings a grit and realism to the page—even when the story is fantasy, even when it’s about giant robots battling on another planet, Dheeraj grounds the action and makes you feel, hear, even smell every bolt, every dripping oil leak, every movement of the characters. But his real trick is that he brings that realism without sacrificing excitement”. his work feels true but always dynamic and dramatic. You can’t ask for much more.

    John Barber

    Senior Editor, IDW Publishing, San Diego, USA

  • Dheerai Verma's paintings are reflection of intense emotion. His long experience as an illustrator of Transformer Comics has left a positive impact on his painting in terms of expression of myriad of emotions and amazing details in every respect. I wish him a good luck and best wishes.

    Taj Hassan

    Special Commissioner of Police, Crime, Delhi Police

  • धीरज वर्मा जी की कला में विविधता है. इनके द्वारा खींची गयी रेखाओं में जोश और स्फूर्ति है एवं इनकी चित्रकारी कलात्मकता और रचनात्मकता से भरपूर है. कल्पना बेमिसाल और चित्र संयोजन बेहतरीन है. इनके बनाये चित्र जीवंत से प्रतीत होते है और बरबस ही मन मोह लेते हैं.

    Sanjay Gupta

    Owner, Raj Comics India

  • Dheeraj is one of the few revered artist who make India proud. He's created some unforgettable comic characters and worked on the biggest international ones. Professionally, I can write a page for his amazing art, but it’s more a pleasure to know him as a person. He is an inspiration not just for me, but thousands of creative people, here in India and around the globe It’s his art discipline that I admire, his art is rooted and pristine..... Dheeraj is an artist who's never compromised on quality of the work he delivers.

    M Nanda

    President & Managing Director, Wacom India Pvt Ltd